I have just returned from an Vulture Workshop in Bulgaria and totally enjoyed a thoroughly rewarding few days not only did our group get to see a couple of different breeds of Vulture we also capture jackals with our camera and even a fox all with wonderful backgrounds. As a small group of photographers of all levels we had virtually one to one tuition with our guide and photographer so we were able to check our settings and make appropriate adjustments regularly. Cliff's very relaxed professional photographer with over three decades in editorial photography and builds a friendly relationship with The members of the tour group, Cliff's very patient with us all guiding us and helping us all the time he totally enjoys his job and a wonderful teacher. 
Dave Taylor 
What we covered during our stay 
* Patience! The art of waiting and watching
* hints and tips on Composition
* Improving your photographic technique
* lenses and camera settings for different subjects 
* apertures effects on background and subject
* shutter speed for your subject
* Looking into the picture"
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